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Welcome to O Logoso Hostel Pilgrims - lodgings in Hospital - Olveiroa - Dumbria, a place on the Santiago Way where you can rest, relax and recuperate for the hard way.

You can receive information on this page in English and Spanish.

Free pick up pilgrims in Ermita de As Neves and Marco do Couto, later left in the same point.

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We have several shared rooms with bunk beds, bathrooms, communal kitchen,...

Environment Environment

They see the environment without straying too far from the hostel, and you can easily walk...

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For any questions, feedback or suggestions, please contact us via any of the following means.


Newly opened hostel is located on the Santiago Way, Santiago to Finisterre address and Muxia, is located in the town of Dumbria, Hospital - Olveiroa and village called O Logoso.

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The local gastronomy of Costa da Morte, is founded on the basis of acquired delicacies of the sea in small fishing villages, succulent meat of the inner cities...

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You must fill out a reservation request form or by calling our phone numbers by clicking the button "BOOKING" and we will contact you shortly.



This blog contains the latest news about the Hostel & lodgings O Logoso, a meeting point for pilgrims performing the Santiago Way. Passers provide all the information they need to continue their experience and expand the vision of the way.

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